Pharmacy Unlimited recognizes the importance of tracking every dollar you spend on the medication you provide your skilled nursing patients and residents.

We provide monthly reports and offer quarterly in-person reviews to improve your organizations clinical and financial performance.


Our goal is to assure that the right medication is given to the right resident on time for the right price.

Pharmacy Unlimited interfaces with several EMAR Software programs including: Point Click Care, Matrix Care and American Health Tech.

Easy Med

With our 30 day med supply your resident will return home safely with all the appropriate medications covered by their insurance.

Rapid Medication Availability

Our in house supply of medication adds great value to your residents in the most urgent circumstances.

By providing immediate access to emergency and first-dose medications, your organization can elevate the quality of care and increase the satisfaction of both your facility and patients.

Packaging Option

At Pharmacy Unlimited, we offer a variety of packaging options for our clients.

We can customize each delivery as well as provide expertise on compliance, reporting, and other challenges many Long Term Care Centers face.

Call today to learn more about our team and our technology. We have a 20-year record of satisfied customers who appreciate our flexibility, personalized services, and attention to detail.

Therapeutic Interchange

Our program is to optimize clinical outcomes and provide quality, cost-effective patient care. By implementing an effective formulary we can deliver the right medication at the right price for the patient and the long term care center.