By utilizing generics when possible,
we will substantially lower your drug spend.

Our value is far more than saving you money



Cost Savings

  • Part A cost containment is a top priority at Pharmacy Unlimited. With formulary options and medication approval processes tailored to your facility, you will contain Part A costs.

  • Pharmacy Unlimited does NOT charge outrageous fees. Our in-house supply of medication adds great value to your patients in the most urgent circumstances.


  • At Pharmacy Unlimited, we build relationships. We believe that our ability to provide superior service is a function of our ability to communicate with you and your staff. The closer our relationship with you, the better we know how to serve your specific needs.

Pharmacy Model

  • We are building a program that will substantially decrease time constraints on your nurses allowing for added patient contact. Ask us how!

Contact Us

Address: Pharmacy Unlimited
12801 Wetmore Rd
San Antonio, TX 78247-3628

Phone: (432) 580-5123
Fax: (432) 333-1916



  • Pharmacy Unlimited excels in accurate, on time dispensing
  • Availability
  • In-House pharmacy supply
  • Technology
  • Monthly reporting
  • Quarterly performance review